I’m so excited to see all of you here today. The graduation of your children from The Shafer Center is an important milestone that must be recognized and celebrated. Whenever these events occur, I do naturally think of when Hayden experienced them. I think about what I know now, and what I wish I knew back then. As a parent who is further ahead in this journey, here is what I think you should know:

  • Know that your children are smart, bright and intelligent
  • Know that they will continue to learn
  • Know that they will make friends in their own way and in their own time
  • Know that they become more and more independent
  • Know that because of their independence that they will continue to push your buttons and challenge your thinking
  • Know that their skills, hobbies and interest will develop and expand into things you could have never imagined
  • Know that you are and will always be the most important people in their lives
  • Know that we will miss them very much
  • Know that I loved having Freddie negotiate the borrowing of our trains, that I loved hearing Dillon tell me that he wants to leave here and go to a new school, and that I loved talking to Hana about our love of jewels and all things sparkly
  • Know that even through your children are not here, we will always be here for them – anytime they need or want us

We are so proud of all they have accomplished and thank you so very much for the joy and privileged of including us in your family and your lives.

Please join me in congratulating our 2017 graduates!

By Helen Shafer

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