Kind Words about The Shafer Center

We welcome you to read some of the rewarding testimonials we’ve received that convey why children, parents, schools, and healthcare providers believe The Shafer Center is a premier provider of early intervention services for children with autism or developmental delays.

Amy Sanders

I believe that one of the most important aspects of The Shafer Center that makes it so successful is the personalization of the services as well as the dedication and passion of the staff.  It is clear that each member of the Shafer Family is dedicated to their job and deeply care for the welfare of each of the children who attend the school.  Careful and thorough attention is paid to ensure that each child receives the appropriate services that are perfect for them.  Beyond that, each staff member who implements the services goes above and beyond any expectation that any parent could ever dream of.  Since Jackson has begun attending Shafer, he has made extraordinary progress – well beyond my wildest dreams.  I owe that completely to the staff, and for them and what they have done for Jackson and our family, I am forever grateful. 

I still remember when Jackson would see children and hide in a corner.  It deeply saddened me to see that.  When he began to try to speak to other children, it was clear that he was not able to express his feelings and uttered phrases that made no sense.  I was initially quite worried that he would not be able to actively participate with his peers.  Since he has undergone Shafer Socialization, he can engage in a conversation with his peers as well as other adults.  I don’t believe that other children can tell the hurdles he overcame to get there!  As for adults, he most definitely will walk up to someone he doesn’t know and introduce himself.  I’ve had way too many moments where I well up with tears, too joyful at the progress he has made.  I’m not saying that he’s “there”, but he’s reeeaaaaly close.

Stephanie Savick

What I liked most about TSC was the individualized programming crafted around my son’s specific learning needs.  Despite the fact that all students who attend the center are on the spectrum, Noah’s learning profile did not look like that of any other child who attended TSC.  Rather than attempting to “fit” Noah into an “autism program” that already existed at TSC, the staff crafted a program built specifically for Noah’s unique learning style and needs.  

The multidisciplinary model provided by TSC benefited Noah by teaching specifically in his zone of proximal development, which is necessary for academic progress to occur at a pace that is consistent with the learner’s cognitive potential.  Collaboration across providers, home programming, and data-driven decision making all helped Noah reach his full potential as a learner while attending TSC.

Diana Gaiser

The interdisciplinary model is essential for my son.  Colin requires a sensory diet throughout his day.  Having a program which includes classroom, speech, OT and 1:1 support has afforded Colin the opportunity to make continued progress across all areas of development.

TSC has a wonderful staff filled with talent and a thorough understanding of the complexities of autism spectrum disorder.  They understand how my son learns and he has a strong connection with his therapists. The behavioral support is invaluable.  I am grateful for the tireless and ongoing support the staff lends.

TSC takes data on everything.  If the program isn’t working…they change it.  Its constantly being evaluated and evolving to meet the needs of my child. 


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