The Voyager classroom contains no more than five (5) students. By building upon a strong foundational knowledge base, we develop classroom readiness and pre-academic skills in a 1-1 and group learning environment. The Voyager class is six (6) hours per day with two (2) hours of group instruction and four (4) hours of one-on-one instruction. A Certified Special Education and Teaching Assistant lead group instruction. ABA instruction will occur with the student’s 1:1 therapist for three (3) hours per day. Class instruction is designed to build foundational knowledge and develop classroom readiness and pre-academic skills in a group learning and 1:1 environment. Students placed in the Voyager classroom have needs in domains including, but not limited to: English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Imitation, Language and Communication, Generalization of skills, Classroom Readiness, Motor Skills, Vocational Skills, and Special Areas (health, science, social studies, art, music, and technology).