Providing Moms and Dads with Hope and Peace of Mind

At The Shafer Center for Early Intervention, In addition to helping your child, we also provide support services to families to try to aid in re-establishing family balance, and create opportunities for members of The Shafer Center for Early Intervention “family” to share their experiences and get to know each other.

Autism Information & Support for Parents

If your child has been newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or developmental delay, you are likely overwhelmed with emotions as well as information from a variety of sources. There are no silly questions and rest assured that The Shafer Center for Early Intervention is a safe environment where you can share your fears as well as your hopes.


We want you to know that you’re not alone in your journey and here at The Shafer Center for Early Intervention, we strive to make the path as clear as possible. Use this section to help find answers to your questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help you.

Parent ChecklistParent Checklist 062314
This downloadable PDF checklist will help guide you so that you can make an informed decision regarding your child’s programing when visiting The Shafer Center for Early Intervention or any other schools and covers topic relevant to programs, staffing, facilities and parent communication.

Family Activities

It’s important to us that we provide our families the opportunity to enjoy “typical” experiences otherwise thought impossible for special needs children and their families. At The Shafer Center for Early Intervention, our philosophy is that children with disabilities should not be excluded from the right to have such experiences and we want to give parents the confidence that anything is possible. That’s why we created numerous activities for you and your child to share together, including:

  • Annual Holiday Musical
  • Field Trips (past field trips have included the zoo, Port Discovery, the pumpkin patch and more)
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Moms’ and Dads’ Day

Events for Parents

The Shafer Center for Early Intervention gives you and your family lots of fantastic experiences and opportunities to learn strategies for success and a comfortable environment to meet other families within the autism community. Events many of our parents enjoy include:

  • Breakfast and Books
  • Coffee With Director
  • Kids Club
  • Parent Power Series
For more information about how The Shafer Center for Early Intervention provides support for parents of children with autism, call 410-517-1113 complete our “Request for Information” form.