The Pathfinder classroom contains no more than seven (7) students. The goal of the Pathfinder class is for students to demonstrate increased independence and generalization of functional academics and life skills. The Pathfinder class is six (6) hours per day with 2.5 hours of group instruction and 3.5 hours of one-on-one instruction. Group instruction can occur in dyads, where two students are paired together intentionally, and will be provided by a Certified Special Educator and Teaching Assistant, with support from the student’s 1:1 therapists. ABA Instruction will occur in the natural environment, utilizing Natural Environment Teaching (NET), provided by the student’s 1:1 therapist. Class instruction is designed to increase independence and generalization of functional academic and life skills. Students placed in the Pathfinder classroom have needs in domains including, but not limited to: Academics, Vocational Skills, Social Skills, Language and Communication, Adaptive and Functional Life Skills, and Special Areas (health, science, social studies, art, music, and technology).