The Endeavor classroom contains no more than eight (8) students. The Endeavor class goal is to expand the depth of academic and classroom independence given increased group learning experiences with fading supports. The Endeavor class is six (6) hours per day with six (6) hours of group instruction. Group learning will occur as a whole class, and overseen by a Certified Special Educator and Teaching Assistant. A Certified Special Educator and Speech-Language Pathologist will lead co-taught group instruction, with a focus on social competencies. There will be no ABA instruction within the Endeavor classroom, as the focus will be on group learning and academic needs. Students placed in the Endeavor classroom have needs in the domains including, but not limited to: English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Problem Solving, Independent Downtime and Leisure Skills, Social Skills, and Special Areas (health, science, social studies, art, music, and technology).