shaferequalssuccess-welcomeWelcome to Our Family

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering The Shafer Center for Early Intervention. We understand what you are facing because we’ve been there. We have walked in your shoes and created The Shafer Center to make that journey easier for you and your child. Our extended family is comprised of parents as well as teachers and many other professionals who are here to help you and your child take the first step toward success.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children can learn and that they should learn not only in their classrooms but in their homes and communities. We provide evidence based programs and resources to children on the autism spectrum who are between the ages of 18 months through 13 years. We also provide support services, aid in re-establishing family balance, and put your child on the path to realizing his/her fullest potential.

We See a Child, Not a Label

Every child has strengths and needs and at The Shafer Center for Early Intervention it is our goal to address the needs and help children develop their strengths. We look beyond the labels of Asperger’s Syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays. Every child is unique and we want them to be successful – that is our mission.

By creating a central resource for education, assessment, and treatment, we help replace fear and uncertainty with hope and knowledge. By teaching in an environment that is conducive for learning and by practitioners who value the role that laughter plays in learning, The Shafer Center for Early Intervention is the optimal choice for children and their families.

We integrate these three vital components:

  1. Our Whole-Child Evidence Based Approach
  2. Our Multi-Disciplinary Team
  3. Our Focus on Maintenance and Generalization of Skills

shaferequalssuccess-action-wa_The Shafer Center for Early Intervention in Action

We are honored to have become an integral part of the lives of hundreds of children and their families who have walked through our doors, experienced our off-site services, or simply took comfort in knowing that a friendly, reliable source of information is at their disposal. For more detailed information about our services, give us a call or choose from the options listed below:

Parent ChecklistParent Checklist 062314
This downloadable PDF checklist will help guide you so that you can make an informed decision regarding your child’s programing when visiting The Shafer Center for Early Intervention or any other schools and covers topic relevant to programs, staffing, facilities and parent communication.

Discover how The Shafer Center for Early Intervention can help your child take the first step to success. Call us at 410-517-1113 to speak with our staff or email us at [email protected] to schedule a tour.