ABA and Classroom Combined Programming

Envision is a full day program that provides individualized ABA instruction and small group instruction with a focus on life skills.  Envision is taught by a masters level special educator with integrated services from a behavior consultant and speech-language pathologist. Each child participating in Envision will have an one-to-one adult assistant to assist in the acquisition of skills.

The curriculum focuses on functional academics geared toward preparing students for greater independence enabling them to become productive 21st century members of society.  Students focus on the life skills that they will need in everyday life such as functional reading and mathematics, self-care, and money management. Students will participate in community based outings to be able to generalize skills learned in the classrooms and parents will participate in a specialized training program.

Most students in the Envision classroom participate in modified or alternative state testing and many are earning a High School Certificate and this program is for student in grades 3rd – 5th.Envision is just one of the ways The Shafer Center for Early Intervention works to improve communication and academic skills for your child with autism.

Child/Staff Ratio

  • 5 children/6 adults
  • Taught by master’s level special educator
  • One-on-one adult support for all children
  • 5 hours weekly of behavior consultation per week by BCBA or BCaBA for entire classroom
  • 5 hours weekly of integrated speech-language services


  • 6 hours per day 5 days per week – 3  hours a day of small-group instruction in a classroom setting and 3 hours a day of One-on-one ABA therapy instruction 

Target Skills

  • Functional Reading
  • Functional Math
  • Self-Care & Hygiene
  • Leisure Skills
  • Safety
  • Chores
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Improve joint attention and joint reference skills
  • Community Outings