imagine-functionalplay-ccABA and Classroom Combined Programming

Imagine provides individualized ABA instruction and small group instruction in a classroom setting co-taught by a speech-language pathologist and masters level special educator. Each child participating in Imagine will have an one-to-one adult assistant. Imagine is just one of the ways The Shafer Center for Early Intervention works to improve communication and academic skills for your child with autism.

Child/Staff Ratio

  • 4 children/6 adults
  • Co-taught by speech-language pathologist and master’s level special educator
  • One-on-one adult support for all children
  • 5 hours of behavior consultation per week by BCBA or BCaBA


  • 2 hours a day, 5 days per week of small-group instruction in a classroom setting
  • One-on-one ABA therapy instruction for 4.5 hours daily

imagine-jahb_Target Skills

  •  Turn-taking
  •  Classroom Readiness
  •  Imitation
  •  Matching
  •  Labeling
  •  Shared attention with peers
  •  Functional toy play
  •  Functional communication skills
  •  Activities of Daily Living
  •  Parallel play
  •  Improve joint attention and joint reference skills
  •  Understanding simple directions (e.g., sit down)
  •  Requesting
  •  Reading
  •  Math
You imagine the best for your child and we give you hope for what’s possible. Call us at 410-517-1113 or download the Admissions Application form for more details about how to enroll your child at The Shafer Center for Early Intervention.