Have you ever done anything for the first time and felt proud? I have and I felt like a super hero. Feeling like a super hero is awesome! I feel great when I try new things. I’ve tried lots of new things and succeeded.

I went to Camp Navigate and really enjoyed it. We took two field trips to the harbor and visited two museums. They were called The American Visionary Art Museum, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not! I thought the exhibits were outstanding and beautiful. I really enjoyed the 4D theater in Ripley’s. There were chairs that moved and we watched a movie based on penguins. I also liked the mirror maze at the museum. The American Visionary Art Museum, however, was four blocks away from Ripley’s. The museum had cool exhibits, like a king’s mouth that you could crawl through.  There were also cool buttons that you could push.

There were some parts of Camp Navigate that I didn’t like. On Thursday, Friday, and Monday, I couldn’t sleep well because I was having “Ticks” thoughts in my head. This made me tired. A lot of teenagers go through this phase so at least that’s something that I knew then. And I tried to rest, still. The jobs were also a little challenging, like putting envelopes in people’s mailboxes. We went mini-golfing and it was a little difficult in the 2nd round because it was very hot outside. Even though Camp Navigate was tough then, I still enjoyed it and had fun.

My favorite part about Camp Navigate was eating out. I went to Wendy’s, Red Robin, The Greene Turtle, and Burger King. I ate either chicken tenders or fries at every four restaurants. They were delicious foods, and I’m sure of it! And I’m sure a lot of other classmates at Lab would recommend going to these restaurants.

On the last day of Camp Navigate, I went go-karting with Malikaa in the first track. Then, I went alone on the second track. It was the first time that I went go-karting. I succeeded at driving the car myself. I was out of my comfort zone when I tried go-karting for the first time.

I challenge you to do something new. It could be anything you want.


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