Jayden just completed his first year at The Shafer Center! He is now 4th grader in the Believe classroom. Everyone loves and is excited for Jayden’s smiles and greetings. He truly warms everyone’s heart.

As a student who continues to work through many behavioral and group learning challenges, Jayden has shown persistent progress in maintaining and exceeding in standard wait times during classroom procedures such as lining up and waiting for a direction; responding to individual directions within a group; sustaining seat time within morning meeting; referring to a schedule and initiating moving through portions of a predicted pattern within a lesson; and displaying flexibility when out of the norm activities take place (such as unpredicted rain causing no outdoor play for recess). Jayden has also had a significant reduction of classroom interfering behaviors (over a 90% reduction from baseline). Wow! These are all tremendous accomplishments and cause of celebration for Jayden! We are so proud!

Jayden has also been more aware of various emotions and stating “I’m mad” or “I’m sad” when certain events would take place that could appropriate illicit these emotions. Jayden will refer to his teacher or therapists when asked “What’s wrong?” and start by stating the emotion and with a lot of hard work communicating and problem solving directly with an adult; it has been possible to isolate a cause and effect for some of his emotions or feelings. This is incredible!!! Jayden has also more appropriately been verbally refusing when he does not want to give a peer a toy or desired item or when making choices. We are so proud of his self-advocacy!
In the last couple of months Jayden has also practiced a modified method of shoe-tying with adapted shoe laces in OT. He has mastered the motor plan to tie his shoes and has generalized this skill to the classroom and in other contexts in just 5 months!
Jayden has also shown an increased interest in his classmates, particularly one friend who he started with. They’re pals and when given the choice to choose a peer, Jayden will frequently choose him. He will also initiate saying hello, observing his peer’s actions, and with support ask questions towards the peer with an interest in knowing the response. Also, since Jayden’s little sister started at the center, he has shown increasingly more school-appropriate sibling greetings and excitement when seeing her. He will often exclaim hello or if he is aware of her location in the building, will state where she is. Way to welcome your little sister to TSC, buddy!
Jayden! We are so proud to see the continued progress you will make every day. We are so proud of all of his hard work every moment and how enthusiastic and loving he is towards his interests and people he loves. Way to go, Jayden!