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Parent Training at The Shafer Center

In August 2015 at The Shafer Center, a Parent Training Series was created for parents whose children were recently diagnosed with autism. The parent training series was developed to help parents understand the key components of their child’s programming and teach parents ways to carry over these techniques at home and in the community. The series provides a range of topics which include:

  • Helping parents better understand the recent autism diagnosis
  • Assessing different treatments that are available
  • Learning to use the basic principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) at home and in the community.

The goal of the parent training is to teach parents to understand how their children learn so that they feel empowered to take advantage of learning opportunities in their home and communities.

The trainings are 1 ½ to 2 hours long and are held once a month. For children receiving ABA services through insurance, parent training is a mandatory part of services. Parents attending sign an attendance form and complete a quiz after the training which is used as documentation of their participation for the insurance companies. ABA services can be provided to the children during the trainings and childcare for siblings can also be arranged. These parent trainings are now open to all parents at The Shafer Center.

Please see below for the current list of trainings and an overview of each of the trainings. We welcome you to join us soon. Please refer to the calendar for Parent Trainings scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year. If you are interested in attending a parent training you can RSVP by e-mailing  [email protected].

Diagnosis: Autism – What does that mean?

An overview of the history, symptoms, and prevalence of Autism, early warning signs, and early intervention

Consumer Reports: Autism Services

Training on how to become a savvy, educated consumer when choosing autism services; review of The Shafer Center’s autism treatment checklist to use when evaluating services for your child and practice using the checklist

The ABA Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

An overview of the principles of ABA to build an understanding in the areas of behavior, reinforcement, and motivation to promote independence and life long learning in our children

Our ABA Services: To The Shafer Center & Beyond!

An overview of The Shafer Center’s admission and assessment process, the many services offered, and locations of those services

Acquiring Skills: The Inside Look at Teaching Extraordinary Children

Training on the methods that we use to teach skills and an overview of the skills that we teach; overview of discrete trial training, verbal behavior therapy, and natural environment teaching; model of teaching these skills   

Gaining Compliance:  Just do it!

Training on the components of providing effective instructions to increase compliance, teaching guided compliance procedures, modeling and role play of methods taught

Behavior: It’s Not Good or Bad

Training on the four functions of behavior, how to identify the functions of a behavior, and an overview of interventions to decrease inappropriate behaviors 

Tackling Tantrums: One Grocery Store at a Time

Training on the role of the functions of behavior in tantrum behavior, data collection procedures to determine function, and interventions to decrease tantrum behaviors and increase appropriate alternative behavior

Let’s Play: Finding Your Inner Child

Training on what play is and why it is so important, examples of types of play with your child and how play relates to skills being taught every day

ABA: Take it Everywhere!

Training on what generalization is, examples of how we work on generalizing skills at The Shafer Center, and ideas for parents to generalize these skills at home and in the community

Strategies for Siblings

Training on how to support Neurotypical siblings of children on the Autism spectrum, examples of common struggles siblings may face, needs at different developmental levels, and how to help build resiliency and coping skills for all of your children.

 Autism Program Checklist for Parents will help guide you so that you can make an informed decision regarding your child’s programing when visiting The Shafer Center for Early Intervention or any other schools and covers topic relevant to programs, staffing, facilities and parent communication. This checklist does not cover basic health and safety standards that all licensed programs must meet as these vary by state.

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