At The Shafer Center it is our philosophy that academic learning is essential for growth. In order to promote learning, our teachers implement creative lessons that incorporate the interests and individual needs of our students. By making learning fun, we give our students every opportunity to succeed.

The classroom theme for November was Government and History. The students in our Inspire class have been working on academic concepts related to comparing and contrasting this year.  This month they learned about the similarities and differences between biographies and autobiographies.  Inspire students explored the lives of historical figures through a variety of biographical texts; while learning how to detect the defining attributes used to classify a text as an autobiography or a biography.

Our Biographic Unit culminated with a very special writing assignment.  Each student in the Inspire classroom was tasked with creating their own autobiography.  After studying examples and learning how to use graphic organizers, each student successfully planned out and composed his or her own personalized biographic passage.  They typed up their final drafts and, as a final touch, added pictures from home to help tell their stories.  We are so proud of our Inspire students and would like to share their literary works of art with you!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Click on the links below to read autobiographies written by Shafer Center students.

Freddie, Age 9

Hana, Age 6

Joseph, Age 9

Lucas, Age 9