Name: Lucas Date: 11/21/2016 Age: 9 Years Old

My birthday is October 31 2007.


I live in Maryland.

My family has Stephanie Jason Nora and Jadyen.


My school is the shafer center.

I’ve taken a trip to amc Theatres.


My favorite toy is Woody.


I like to watch toy story 3.

I like to read spongebob goes to the doctor.

My favorite holiday is thanksgiving.


I like to play on trampelean.

I like to eat hot dogs.

My favorite seasons are winter spring summer fall and halloween.

My talent is singing.

I want you to know about a song I throw my toys around.

When I grow up I’ll be a grown up and I’ll draw what I want.

I wish that I’m good at SpongeBob square pants.

Freddie, Age 9

Hana, Age 6

Joseph, Age 9